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To my parents, for their unconditional love, support and friendship. Without them I wouldn’t be here. To my beloved mother, great fighter, a real source of great pride for me. In memoriam, to my late father Oswaldo Vieira. Without him I wouldn’t have become a writer. My father, I love you very much, always, wherever […]


  Quando as letras cantam (When the lyrics sing) Second place 1st Contest Cuéntame un cuento, awarded by University of Salamanca, Spain (2017)   Prometidos: para o bem e para o mal – Book 2 (Promised: for good and for evil – Book 2) Awarded by Wattpad Wattys Prize (2015)   Se ele vier… (If […]


I started publishing the Promised Saga in 2015 on Wattpad, the famous virtual platform for writers and readers. Due to the success that the platform has achieved in a short time, many publishers there look for success stories and nowadays so many authors manage to have their books published in this way. Through Wattpad, the […]

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