To my parents, for their unconditional love, support and friendship. Without them I wouldn’t be here.

To my beloved mother, great fighter, a real source of great pride for me.

In memoriam, to my late father Oswaldo Vieira. Without him I wouldn’t have become a writer. My father, I love you very much, always, wherever you are….

To all my family, always wonderful!

To all my friends, who are wonderful and irreplaceable and whose sincerity the weather was able to prove.

To Isabelle Martins: thank you for your friendship, for being the designer of the Promised Saga, for the creation of my catalog and for all of your incredible ideas for my entire literary production!

To Lycia Barros: thank you for the friendship and the successful of our literary partnership.

To Saulo Peçanha, for the creation of this third version of my webpage, for his friendship and complete good-will every day.

To Marcelo Amado, for the creation of the second version of this webpage. His dedicate friendship and confidence are very important for me.

To Maurizzio Canali, for his friendship, partnership and the creation of the first version of my home page.

To Adriana Passos: thank you very much for the excellent review of the English translation.

To Débora Regufe and Catalina Juri Sánchez, for the translation and revision, respectively, of the texts in Spanish. You are amazing!

To Julio Emílio Braz, great literary partner and great friend.

To Clair de Mattos (in memorian), a true literary icon, for her friendship and complete confidence in my work.

To all those who, in some way, helped me and cheered for the publication of my books: thank you!

To my readers: I have no words to thank, except for the certainty that you all are the reason for everything I write every day.