I was born in Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood called Botafogo. I’m proud of it, because my city isn’t the most beautiful in the world (we have thousands of problems here, which blur all this beauty and are difficult to solve…), but it’s very beautiful, especially in summer.

My love for Rio gradually matured over the years and I consider myself an atypical “carioca” because I lived in São Paulo for ten years and… I felt in love with Sampa, almost as if I was born there. Well, people in both cities know that it’s very difficult and even incomprehensible! According to tradition, no one can really love both cities, so different though close. I don’t care about those labels and always say “I love São Paulo and Rio”, walking from one to another naturally. And loving them both gives me the right to move freely through their stops. That’s what I do.

I studied Literature. Then, life took me to another career and I made a specialization in Marketing, but always working in publishing. For anyone who loves literature, there could be nothing better than living surrounded by books, many books.

I love the internet and I can’t imagine my life without the virtual world. What fascinates me in the Network is the real possibility we have acquired to communicate with people wherever they are, no matter the distances. This is wonderful and I consider myself privileged of living in this era, the Information Age.

Of course my passion for the web has given rise to books that are beyond the traditional model of narrative, with the characters communicating to each other by e-mails, discussing their problems online just as we all do every day. I believe Literature needs to follow the course of history. Or not?

And about writing…. follow me to the other link!

Thank you all. Welcome to my home page.