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To my parents, for their unconditional love, support and friendship. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. To my beloved mother, a great fighter, a real source of great pride for me. In memoriam, to my late father, Oswaldo Vieira. Without him, I wouldn’t have become a writer. My father, I love you very much, always, […]


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  Quando as letras cantam (When the lyrics sing) Second place 1st Contest Cuéntame un cuento, awarded by University of Salamanca, Spain (2017)   Prometidos: para o bem e para o mal – Book 2 (Promised: for good and for evil – Book 2) Awarded by Wattpad Wattys Prize (2015)   Se ele vier… (If […]


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I started publishing the Promised Saga in 2015 on Wattpad, the popular virtual platform for writers and readers. Due to the success that the platform has achieved in a short time, many publishers there look for success stories and nowadays so many authors manage to have their books published in this way. Through Wattpad, the […]

Published Works (printed books)

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Prometidos: um para o outro (livro 1 – edição integral – Saga Prometidos (Promised: to each other [book 1 – full edition – Promised Saga]) Janaina Vieira ISBN: 978-85-915794-8-8 Publisher: Arte Literária Subject matter: Romance, fantasy, love, choices, the unknown. Synopsis: Beatriz and Thomas meet in the summer of 2013 in Rio de Janeiro and […]

Writer’s Choice

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  I am delighted to present here valuable information about the literary agency — Writer’s Choice — which represents my books in India, led by my agent, Balbir Singh. I found Writer’s Choice in 2010, through an international website for publishing market. Since then, I have had the joy and satisfaction of being able to […]

Arte Literária

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O Brasil é um país repleto de grandes talentos, em todas as áreas. Entretanto, a maioria deles permanece na sombra, especialmente os escritores, devido ao seu desconhecimento da realidade do mercado editorial — o que quase sempre é um obstáculo de porte a barrar-lhes o caminho e a anular sua aspiração de ver seu livro […]

Electronic books/E-books

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Recently, and suddenly… No more than suddenly… this new thing called “electronic book” has appeared.  And the whole world was faced with the real possibility of reading without paper being necessary. Strange thing, some people thought… After all, since man started to use papyrus in Ancient Egypt, the written word has become an integral and […]

Author-Editor Relationship

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Author-publisher relationship: at the same time, it’s one of the most important and challenging in publishing. I’m lucky because I’ve always worked in publishing, which helped me to know very well about that universe and the laws governing the world of books. So, when I started writing, I’ve known how it worked. Today, I know […]

Writing for Adults

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There are excellent writers in my country, but we still have a long way to go, inside and outside our borders. Even in Brazil, where we have great writers, many are unknown to the general public. At this point, we turn to the issue of lack of reading habit, also accompanied by the lack of […]

Writing for young people

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Speaking about literature for young people is a joy for me. And writing for them is a great pleasure. Frankly, I think the young literature should have another name. Nowadays, the word “juvenile” doesn’t translate anymore the reality of teens, and in my view has become obsolete. Old. Exceeded. So, I prefer YA (Youg-Adult) Literature. […]