Writing for Adults

There are excellent writers in my country, but we still have a long way to go, inside and outside our borders. Even in Brazil, where we have great writers, many are absolutely unknown to the general public. At this point, we turn to the issue of lack of reading habit, also accompanied of the lack of purchasing power etc. It seems an endless cycle, but it isn’t.


Paulo Coelho, who enlisted a battalion of ferocious critics to his works, has achieved what no one — except Jorge Amado — had yet achieved: to bring Brazilian texts to different countries. I think the doors that were opened for them may give way to many others, and the most important win was gained: breaking the paradigm that Brazilian writers could only be successful if they write about samba, mulatto and carnival. Not that all this isn’t part of our culture, but we aren’t a people worried only about these values — no matter how important they are for us. Our culture is certainly much more multifaceted and much more interesting.

So, I hope the true Brazil still travels around the world through many, many authors and different works, that over time can show who we truly are.