Electronic books/E-books

Recently, and suddenly… No more than suddenly… this new thing called “electronic book” has appeared.  And the whole world was faced with the real possibility of reading without paper being necessary. Strange thing, same people thought… After all, since man started to use papyrus in Ancient Egypt, the written word has become an integral and inseparable part of human society.

However, modernity has brought the electronic book and revolutionized it all, but today we are still in the early stages and taking the first steps in that direction. In Brazil, everything is still new, and as much as companies that produce education and culture are recently turning to the virtual book, there is a long way to go. In fact, access to the e-books is still restricted to a small group — compared to the universe composed of those who have the habit of reading. And if we think that the consumption of traditional books in Brazil is still very low, in relation to e-books there are other difficulties that add up: the lack of reading habit, the lack of massive access to the internet and the lack of knowledge about the different electronic resources which there are nowadays. In other words, a lot of people do not even have a computer at home, let alone a tablet. And even those who use the computer or cell phone regularly do not often know how to use their multiple resources.

But of course, in my opinion, none of this is an obstacle to the advancement of the e-books. On the contrary, it can be a great incentive, since many people who are not in the habit of reading a printed book can begin to read the e-books, although driven by the curiosity to know a tablet or a lecture device. The new generations, by the way, are completely ready for the LCD screens! 

And, frankly, I do not think that printed books will disappear, either. At least not in the coming decades. I believe that e-books will find their own space and their own public, in Brazil and worldwide. Printed books idem. The publishing market will be reshuffled in a while, because everyone will be greatly benefited, not only the readership! Authors, in turn, will have many new possibilities and freedom to produce their own books if they so wish. The electronic book also brings new possibilities for all: readers, authors, publishers, booksellers, teachers…pressos idem.

So let our new “papyrus” be ready for a long (and agile) journey!