Unpublished works

Seven fantastic tales

44th Anniversary from UBE Prize (2002)

Subject matter: introducing fantastic literature as a common thread of all the narratives, there are seven topics discussed in the tales that comprise this work: obesity, drugs, choices, disrespect for the will of others, useless knowledge, model’s life, achievement of identity.

Synopsis: All the tales do not discuss only some issues related to adolescence, but to life in general. The teenage illusion with the ephemeral glow of the life of the models, which serves as a metaphor for the illusion with the passing things; the young obese girl, who feels alienated from the world for not correspond to the preferred physical type of the boys and that much later realizes she was wrong; the parents that do not allow their children to develop their own personality; the young woman who prefers not to have to grow to deal with the natural difficulties of life; the young man who has plenty of culture and much knowledge, but  does not know how to use them in practical life; the girl who can only see the reality that surrounds her through the power of drugs; the young girl who, after many disappointments, finally sees her own face and identity.


My brother’s forbidden love

Subject matter: homosexuality, family and social prejudice against homosexuals, the difficulties of communication between members of the same family.

Synopsis: Almost by accident, Fernanda discovers that her older brother, Flavio, is gay. From that moment she faces a real problem, but her reaction to the fact is extremely negative and biased. At first, she rebels and cuts relations with him. Then she tries to convince him that he was living just a phase, certainly fleeting, and soon would be returning to a “normal” stage.” Finally convinced that it’s not just a phase, she finally talks to him through a mature dialogue about freedom and acceptance of differences.  She understands the importance of discuss the issues in full because when we don’t face the problems, they catch us by surprise later, when we’re almost always unprepared to solve them.


Fred & Pingo – A story of mustaches and paws

Subject matter: The abandonment of animals, the lack of respect for life and nature, the power of true friendship.

Synopsis: Fred is a cat, Pingo is a dog, but their friendship is above the differences that could separate them. However, when Francisco, their owner, dies suddenly, Fred and Pingo are expelled from the house where they live for several years and are forced to look for a new place to live in. Even in the midst of the greatest difficulties, ill-treatment, hunger and unknown dangers, they are strongly together by their friendship. But one day, unexpectedly, Pingo becomes the target of the passion of a young girl, who takes him away to her house and Fred stands alone…