I started publishing the Promised Saga in 2015 on Wattpad, the famous virtual platform for writers and readers. Due to the success that the platform has achieved in a short time, many publishers there look for success stories and nowadays so many authors manage to have their books published in this way.

Through Wattpad, the Promised Saga has already reached more than 155,000 readings since the publication of book 1, and I am very happy because I have won readers in Brazil and also in several other countries.

This year, 2018, I decided to start publishing the full versions of the books on Amazon and so I left only 10 chapters of each work on Wattpad as a sample. Thus, readers (wattpaders) who want to know the saga will find these samples available.

In the future, I intend to publish other stories on Wattpad, which is a free and comprehensive space where writers can reach their own readers, conquer new ones and spread their works in a democratic way. We do not win royalties on the platform, but we win readers, which is the dream of everyone who, like me, loves to write! So I leave here my words of encouragement to anyone who wants to know and use Wattpad, whether as writers or as readers. This is an amazing way for success!

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