Writer's Choice


I am delighted to present here important information about the literary agency —Writer’s Choice — which represents my books in India, led by my agent, Balbir Singh.

I found Writer’s Choice in 2010, through an international website for publishing market. Since then, I have had the joy and satisfaction of being able to count on the excellent work my agent and her agency do for me as a writer. In 2012, one of my books for young people — If the baby comes… — was published in India by Readworthy, one of the largest publishers in the country. For this project to become possible the work of Balbir Singh and Writer’s Choice was irreplaceable.

In Brazil, it is not common yet for authors to work with literary agents, but practically in all other countries this is the usual path. I am very happy to be able to rely on this agency in a beautiful country as India, which, although geographically distant from Brazil, has a so similar culture to ours in many respects and completely different in others. But again, through literature, the messages to be transmitted are universal!

About this excellent literary agency, nothing better than reproduce here an excerpt from what is written on its own website:

“Writer’s Choice is one of the fastest growing book publishers in India. Founded only in 2010, we are charting a successful path through large client acquisitions and huge demands for our services. We are one of the publishing companies in the country with full organizational support and dedicated team of experienced publishing professionals fully conversant with the requirements of the international publishing world.”

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